Demonstration Project

What is the Demonstration Project?
This demonstration project allows reimbursement for applied behavior analysis (ABA) services rendered by a paraprofessional (Tricare term for these staff is tutors) who are supervised by a Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) certified provider BCBA or BCaBA.

This model is the most common way ABA Therapy is delivered nationally because of it clinical effectiveness and practical use of resources for treatment. The military has chosen this model because; 1) their members are often in remote places and 2) BCBAs are often not readily available so families cannot access them for the full amount of services their child needs. Families have to then accept less frequency and intensity of care.

What are the benefits to using the Demonstration Project?

•  Increases accessibility to therapy, especially in remote areas. BCBAs are in short supply and even their time after school is very limited. The BCBA will supervise the paraprofessional 2 to 4 hours per month to insure the treatment is delivered at the high standard required by ASN.

•  Accessibility is increased especially because it opens the door to remote services via live video exchange for the supervisor (BCBA/BCaBA).
•  Using remote services (live video exchange) increases the likelihood of consistent services by the BCBA with fewer interruptions; weather and travel/car problems are no longer an issue.
•  Increases treatment hours available to the child and family
•  The model has strong research evidence supporting its effectiveness in the literature ; it is used by many providers across the country
•  It enhances program flexibility
•  It expand the number of professionals involved with treatment of the child, providing more diverse perspectives

The demonstration project is an excellent option for many families seeking services for autism and other special needs. It utilizes qualified professionals and technological advances to deliver high quality services in an efficient and effective manner. It expands the scope and intensity of care we can provide which will result in better outcomes.

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